Amon Tobin – Wooden Toy

3D projection mapping for Amon Tobin’s Wooden Toy, ISAM Tour 2.0

Client : Amon Tobin
Manager : Jeff Waye
Experience Design :
Director : Vello Virkhaus
Show Programmer : Peter Sistrom
Animation : Leviathan
Creative Director : Bradon Webb
Producer : Brandy Olsen
3D Animation : David Brodeur, Katrina Nelken
3D Prep : Craig Zacok
Illustrator : Mike Coon
VFX : Tim Sepulveda
Compositing : Chris Beers
Editor : Mike LaHood
Assistant Fabricator : Kevin Primm
Production Assistant : Rachel Broaddus
Executive Producer : Chad Hutson
Executive Creative Director : Jason White
Chief Scientist : Matt Daly

Wooden Toy set fabrication Art Directed by Redmoon’s Co-Artistic Director, Frank Maugeri.
Redmoon’s team of collaborators includes Kass Copeland, Tom Robinson, Jack McLaughlin, Shawn Stucky and Puppeteer, Kasey Foster

Shoot Location : Redmoon Theatre
Director : Matt Daly
Director : Bradon Webb
Producer : Brandy Olsen
VFX Supervisor : Tim Sepulveda
DP : Mike LaHood
Gaffer : Derick Smith
Grip : Emily Hindin
Builder : Jack McLaughlin
Production Assistant : Anirudha Hanamantache
Puppeteer on Act 3 : O’Connor Hartnett

“ Hyperspace Steam Dream” Documentary:
Editor : Mike LaHood
Design : Gareth Fewel
DP : Mike LaHood
DP : Aaron Edwards

Special Thanks to Redmoon Theater for their continuous generosity, hospitality and support.

Produced by Leviathan.